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Road to Singapore

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85 Minutes


The 1940's hottest movie trio - Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour - chart a course for comedy and romance in Road to Singapore. Running out on his stuffy desk job and marriage-minded girlfriend, Josh Mallon (Crosby) links up with sailor-buddy Ace (Hope) and sets sail for the farthest point on the map - Singapore. On the exotic island of Kaigoon, they meet Mima (Lamour), a lovely young dancer cruelly dominated by her whip-cracking partner-fiance (Anthony Quinn). Josh and Ace rescue Mima, who moves into their shack, cooks, cleans, sings - and quickly becomes the object of their wise-cracking war for her affections. A top grosser of 1940, Singapore was the initial entry in the legendary Hope-Crosby-Lamour Road series that delighted movie-goers for over 20 fun-filled years.


Anthony Quinn
Arthur Q. Bryan
Belle Mitchell
Belle Mitchell
Benny Inocencio
Bing Crosby
Bob Hope
Bob O'Connor
Bobby Barber
Carmen D'Antonio
Charles Coburn
Charles Morton
Claire James
Cyril Ring
Devi Dja
Don Brodie
Dorothy Jarnac
Dorothy Lamour
Edmund Mortimer
Edward Gargan
Elvia Allman
Esther Pressman
Fred Malatesta
Fred Walburn
Gloria Franklin
Grace Hayle
Greta Granstedt
Harold Miller
Harry C. Bradley
Helen Lynd
Henry Norton
Jack Pepper
Jack Stoney
James Conaty
James Dime
Jerry Colonna
John Kelly
Johnny Arthur
Judith Barrett
Kitty Kelly
Larry Steers
Laura Knight
Louis Mercier
Marguerita Padula
Miles Mander
Monte Blue
Paula Decardo
Payne B. Johnson
Pedro Regas
Pierre Watkin
Richard Keene
Richard Tucker
Robert St. Angelo
Roger Gray
Ronald R. Rondell
Steve Pendleton



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