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Ricochet River

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112 Minutes


RICOCHET RIVER is a coming of age story about three teenagers in search of their place in the world. Change comes slowly in the small logging community of Calamus Grove; folk seem to like things just the way they are. So, when high school seniors Wade and Lorna (Kate Hudson) befriend a mysterious newcomer, Jesse Howl, it causes quite a stir among the locals. Fearful of the outsider, the townspeople lash out at Jesse with prejudice and hate. Their friendship and loyalty are tested, and they quickly learn that age doesn't always bring wisdom.


Alexandra Jacobs
Art Burke
Betty Moyer
Brendan Quinlan
Chris Porter
Douglas Spain
Eddie Thiel
Erin Chambers
J.P. Phillips
Jason James Richter
John Cullum
Kate Hudson
Keith Swift
Linda Hawkins
Matthew Glave
Pedro Shanahan
Richard Zavaglia
Robert M. Owens
Sheila Goold
Tyler Miller
Wantland Sandel



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