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Random Encounters

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94 Minutes


Kevin, a writer, and Laura, an actress are two twenty-somethings struggling with work and love in Hollywood. After each endures yet another demoralizing meeting, Kevin and Laura bump into each other at a coffee shop--literally, resulting in Laura spilling her drink all over Kevin's shirt--not the best of introductions. Days later and mired in respective, albeit differing relationship woes (for Laura, the lack thereof; for Kevin, a dimwit of a girlfriend, Cyndy, with whom he has nothing in common), their thoughts drift toward finding each other. . . but without any common ground save for the coffee shop, neither has much upon which to base his or her search.


Abby Wathen
Deja Kreutzberg
Don Stark
John Justice
Joshua Lebar
Meghan Markle
Michael Rady
Sean Young



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