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Promises to Keep

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93 Minutes


Screen legend Robert Mitchum and his real-life son, Christopher, and grandson, Bentley star in the moving telefilm. They portray three generations of men of the Palmer family, whose relationships are profoundly tested by the unexpected reappearance of Jack Palmer (Robert Mitchum), the patriarch. Although Jack's wife (Claire Bloom) bears him no malice, Jack's son (Christopher Mitchum) detests his father and resents his interference in their lives. But Jack can't wait any longer to settle the past: He knows he is dying. Directed by Noel Black ("Pretty Poison").


Andy Romano
Bentley Mitchum
Christopher Mitchum
Claire Bloom
Clifford Happy
Eva Charney
George Cheung
Gilbert B. Combs
Hugh Gillin
Jane Sibbett
Jeremy Sunderland
Merritt Butrick
Michael Laskin
Paul Mantee
Peter Hobbs
Randy Oglesby
Richard Partlow
Robert Mitchum
Tess Harper

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