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Profoundly Normal

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96 Minutes


Based on a true story. Donna Lee Shelby (Kirstie Alley), a mentally retarded girl who lives in Forest Haven, an institution for the developmentally disabled, meets Ricardo Thornton (Delroy Lindo), a fellow resident. When Forest Haven is closed by a court order, Donna and Ricardo venture into the real world on their own. Their friendship and dependency on each other blossoms into love. They marry and have a child together, who does not suffer from mental retardation.


Anastasia Hill
Anna Mary Wilson
Brittany Bristow
Catherine Fitch
Danielle Bouffard
Delroy Lindo
Gary Wilson
Kevin Duhaney
Kirstie Alley
Martha Burns
Neville Edwards
Rosemary Dunsmore
Rothaford Gray
Terence Mathews
Victoria Adilman



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