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Presumed Innocent

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127 Minutes


Superstar Harrison Ford ("Clear and Present Danger," "The Fugitive") stars in this boxoffice winning thriller ($86,000,000!) based on the best-selling novel by Scott Turow. Ford is a prosecuting attorney who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a beautiful colleague with whom he had been having a torrid extramarital affair. As the investigation unravels, the system of justice to which he once committed himself threatens to destroy his career, family and even his life. Jeffrey Lyons of "Sneak Previews" calls this a "first-rate thriller." Directed by Alan J. Pakula ("Sophie's Choice," "All the President's Men") and co-starring Brian Dennehy ("Cocoon"), Bonnie Bedelia ("Die Hard," "Die Hard 2"), Golden Globe-winner Raul Julia ("The Addams Family," "Kiss of the Spider Woman") and Greta Scacchi ("The Player," "White Mischief"). WWOR-TV raves: "murder, sex, suspense, surprises...sensational!"


Anna Maria Horsford
Bill Winkler
Bonnie Bedelia
Bradley Whitford
Brian Dennehy
Christine Estabrook
Deann Mears
Ed Wheeler
Greta Scacchi
Harrison Ford
Jeffrey Wright
Joe Grifasi
John M. Bennett
John Spencer
Joseph Carberry
Joseph Mazzello
Madison Arnold
Michael Tolan
Miles Watson
Paul Winfield
Peter Appel
Peter Appel
Raúl Juliá
Richard L. Newcomb
Sab Shimono
Thom Cagle
Tom Mardirosian
Tucker Smallwood



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