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Planet Brooklyn

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108 Minutes


Best friends and roommates, Ish and Oz's main goal in life is to avoid work at all costs. Ish is a graffiti artist who dreams of starting his own hip-hop band. Oz is an obnoxious loudmouth, addicted to gambling and cooking shows. When Ish collects several thousand dollars in a lawsuit settlement stemming from a childhood accident, Oz tries to convince him to invest the money in a pyramid scam in order to help him pay off a debt to a sadistic loan shark. The stakes are raised when Ish's girlfriend Veronica gives him an ultimatum to either get a job or get lost. Ultimately, the two eccentric slackers are forced to wake up and realize that sooner or later, everybody has to get a job!


Adrian Martinez
Andre Royo
Anita Kopacz
Bonz Malone
David Anzuelo
Hope Clarke
Ishmael Butler
Michael C. Maronna
Mike Maronna
Reg E. Cathey
Roberta Wallach
Silvestre Rasuk
Stephanie Berry
Stu 'Large' Riley

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