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Parts Per Billion

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139 Minutes


Would you want to survive the end of the world? Led by a star-studded ensemble cast, PARTS PER BILLION tells the story of three couples forced to make life-defining decisions in the face of a biological catastrophe that threatens to destroy the human race. As the pandemic spreads and civilization is thrown into chaos, generations old and young must each make the ultimate decision that leaves us wondering: will love survive?


Alexis Bledel
Beverly White
Carl Noel King
Chad Morgan
Conor Leslie
Donna Davidson
Evelyn Joy Pointer
Frank Langella
Gena Rowlands
George Avgoustis
Greg Cromer
Hettie Lynne Hurtes
Hill Harper
Holly Wingler
Jeff Michael
Joe Cipriano
Jon Prescott
Jon Prescott
Josh Hartnett
Matt Lockwood
Mia Diaz
Mike Carey
Nazneen Contractor
Ned Vaughn
Penn Badgley
Reis Ciaramitaro
Richard Gilliland
Robin Atkin Downes
Robin Atkin Downes
Rosario Dawson
S. Leslie Julian
Sonya A. Avakian
Stephen Sowan
Teresa Palmer
Theo Williamson
Valerie Hurt



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