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Parlor, Bedroom & Bath

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73 Minutes


In this early comic romance, Jeffrey Haywood (Reginald Danny) is all set to go ahead with his plans of settling down with Virginia (Sally Eilers). The only thing that is stopping Virginia is that she would like to have her stiff-neck elder sister, Angelica to be married before herself. Now, Jeff must do something to have his way clear. He promises Virginia, that he has a decent man as acquaintance who will make for a good match to Angelica. The surprise lays ahead if the man turns out to be the way he has been promised by Jeff.


Buster Keaton
Charlotte Greenwood
Cliff Edwards
Dorothy Christy
Edward Brophy
Joan Peers
Natalie Moorhead
Reginald Denny
Sally Eilers
Sidney Bracey
Walter Merrill



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