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Outrageous Fortune

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100 Minutes


Lauren (Shelley Long, THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE) is refinement, regimentation, and ballet slippers. Sandy (Bette Midler, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB) is brassy, bossy, and stiletto heels. They meet and it's hate at first sight. But these two opposites are shocked to discover a common bond: They share the same boyfriend -- a handsome schoolteacher (Peter Coyote, RANDOM HEARTS) who mysteriously and conveniently disappears. Mr. Right wronged them ... and when they decide to track the scoundrel down, they're thrown together in a cross-country pursuit for better or worse ... mosty for worse! Brilliantly cast and deviously written, this racy, riotous comedy provides sidesplitting laughs of outrageous proportions!


Ade Small
Anthony Heald
Barney Garcia
Bette Midler
Bill Hart
Bill Marcus
Carol Ann Susi
Christopher Mcdonald
Diana Bellamy
Eyan Williams
Florence Stanley
Gary Morgan
George Carlin
Greg Mace
J. Clell Miller
James Mcintire
John Disanti
John Schuck
Johnny Sanchez
José García
Lonna Montrose
Neil Hunt
Pat Santino
Peter Coyote
R. Gilbert Clayton
Robert Prosky
Sally R. Brown
Shelley Long
Steven Rotblatt
Thomas Dillon
Tom Lillard
Tony Epper



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