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On Again-Off Again

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68 Minutes


This wacky vaudeville-style romp casts the irreverent comedy team as feuding co-owners of a drug company, William "Willy" Hobbs (Wheeler) and Claude Augustus Horton (Woolsey), who agree to wrestle each other for the sole ownership of the business. The winner will take the company and the loser must become the other's valet for a year. But when Hobbs loses, he sends his wife to Florida and schemes to trick Horton. What follows are hilarious hijinks as only Wheeler and Woolsey can pull off!


Alan Bruce
Alec Harford
Ann Hovey
Arleen Whelan
Bert Wheeler
Charlotte Dabney
Donald Kerr
Dorothy Moore
Esther Muir
Eunice Healey
George Barton
George Meeker
Hal K. Dawson
Jack Carson
Jane Walsh
Jerry Frank
Kitty Mchugh
Lillian O'Malley
Marie Marks
Marjorie Lord
Maxine Jennings
Pat Flaherty
Patricia Wilder
Paul Harvey
Phyllis Kennedy
Robert Woolsey
Russell Hicks
William Corson



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