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Nurse Edith Cavell

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Many of the "preparedness" films of the years just prior to World War II sidestepped censorship by depicting past outrages of the Germans. Such a film was British producer Herbert Wilcox's Hollywood production Nurse Edith Cavell, in which Wilcox's future wife Anna Neagle portrayed the titular martyred Englishwoman. Ms. Neagle plays the legendary Ms. Cavell as a candidate for Canonization. Her selfless efforts to rescue refugee soldiers from World War I Belgium results in her being arrested on charges of espionage. Despite international pleas for clemency, the dastardly Deutschlanders sentence Edith to death. She faces the firing squad with a courageous serenity that makes Joan of Arc look like a hysterical schoolgirl. An earlier, silent version of Nurse Edith Cavell had caused turmoil in England due to its unadorned depiction of war's horrors. In 1939, however, audiences inundated by reports of Hitler's latest outrages were more receptive.


Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Anna Neagle
Bert Roach
Bodil Rosing
Edna May Oliver
Egon Brecher
Ernst Deutsch
Eugene Gericke
Frank Reicher
Fritz Leiber
Gene Garrick
George Sanders
Gilbert Emery
Gui Ignon
Gustav Von Seyffertitz
H.B. Warner
Halliwell Hobbes
Henry Brandon
Henry Victor
Jack Gargan
Jimmy Butler
Joe De Stefani
Lionel Royce
Louis V. Arco
Lucien Prival
Martin Kosleck
Mary Howard
May Robson
Rex Downing
Richard Deane
Robert Coote
Robert R. Stephenson
Sophie Stewart
Torben Meyer
Wilhelm Von Brincken
William Edmunds
Willy Kaufman
Zasu Pitts



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