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Normandy: The Last Rescue

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101 Minutes


Autumn 1944, in a French countryside torn by conflict Private James Lewis (Cody Kasch, Desperate Housewives), hesitates in battle, endangering his commanding officer Captain Beckett (Brett Cullen, The Dark Knight Rises, Ghost Rider, Lost). While desperately trying to save Beckett's life, surrounded by blood and shell fire, the field hospital is overrun by Nazi forces who capture the soldiers as prisoners of the Third Reich. Heavy with mud and despair, the journey to a POW camp is cut short by gunfire, as American paratroopers launch a counter attack, taking the Nazi officers as hostages. As Beckett's condition worsens, they begin a long and harrowing trek through enemy-occupied territory. With the enemy fast on their trail, their treacherous journey leads them through forests and farms and deeper into the Nazis' clutches. As their path to escape grows increasingly hopeless, Private Lewis, haunted by his prior failures, has to muster courage and strength to mount a last-ditch rescue and lead his brothers to freedom.


Brett Cullen
Cody Kasch
Darren Keefe
Dawson Doupé
Elizabeth Rice
Gilles Marini
Hallie Shepherd
Johann Urb
Ryan Merriman
Tino Struckmann
Tony Doupe



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