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80 Minutes


The story begins when a family man, Mickey Ryan, falls from grace through no fault of his own due to a series of downward spiraling events beyond his control. With his life turned upside down, Mickey tries valiantly to resolve his issues but hooks up with the wrong people who blind him with anger and hate. Then his life takes an even worse turn as evil infiltrates his life and he becomes involved in a series of hate crimes that seemingly give him no way out. Just when everyone is about to give up on him and he is poised to fall off the edge of life, one person finally steps up in a moment of redemption and forgiveness and saves him from the ledge of desperation.


Art Hindle
Daniel Baldwin
Diane Salinger
Dominique Swain
Ellen Dubin
Eric Roberts
Frank D'Angelo
Jason Blicker
Margot Kidder
Maria Del Mar
Michael Madsen
Michael Paré
Paul Sorvino
Peter Coyote
Robert Loggia
Tony Rosato



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