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Nine Lives of Christmas

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86 Minutes


When a stray cat adopts Zachary Stone, he falls in love with the little guy in spite of the fact that he wants to stay away from responsibility. When his new pet brings him into contact with Marilee White, Zach begins to see that the single life isn't as fulfilling as he thought and that the "wrong woman" might just be the perfect match.


Alison Araya
Barbara Wallace
Brandon Routh
Carey Feehan
Chelsea Hobbs
Dalias Blake
Dominique Lalonde
Giles Panton
Gregory Harrison
Jarrett Knowles
Jennifer Cheon
Kayvon Kelly
Keith Martin Gordey
Kimberly Sustad
Manoj Sood
Marilyn Norry
Nicole Fraissinet
Sean Tyson
Stephanie Bennett
Stephanie Bennett
Stephen Dimopoulos
Tonya Lee Albers



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