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Needful Things

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120 Minutes


Everyone in Castle Rock is curious and thrilled when a new antique shop, called Needful Things, opens its doors. The shop has something for everyone, and its owner, a charming man named Leland Gaunt, seems to know exactly what people desire. He only asks a small favor as the price of his trinkets--that the buyer plays a meaningless trick on one of their neighbors. However, the pranks quickly get out of hand, causing two of the local women to brutally murder each other and the town to erupt with incidents of brutal violence. The only man seemingly unaffected by Leland Gaunt's charm is the town sheriff, Alan Pangborn, who starts a one man crusade to rid the town of this enchanting madman. An explosive confrontation finally brings the town back to its senses and rids it of this evil influence.


Amanda Plummer
Ann Warn Pegg
Bill Croft
Bonnie Bedelia
Campbell Lane
Deborah Wakeham
Dee Jay Jackson
Don S. Davis
Duncan Fraser
Ed Harris
Eric Schneider
Frank C. Turner
Gary Paller
Gillian Barber
J. T. Walsh
Lochlyn Munro
Max Von Sydow
Mel Allen
Mike Chute
Ray Mckinnon
Robert Easton
Sarah Sawatsky
Shane Meier
Tamsin Kelsey
Trevor Denman
Valri Bromfield
William Morgan Sheppard



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