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National Lampoon's European Vacation

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95 Minutes


Director Amy Heckerling ("Clueless," "Look Who's Talking") brings America's favorite family back again in the sequel to one of the most successful comedies of all time. This box-office smash takes you along on the Griswald family's wacky misadventures through Europe. Joining the always hysterical Chevy Chase ("Caddyshack," "Fletch," "Three Amigos") are Beverly D'Angelo ("Maid to Order") as his wife, Dana Hill ("Shoot the Moon") as his homesick daughter and Jason Lively, living up to his name, as his sex-crazed son. Screenplay by John Hughes ("Home Alone" films), Robert Klane ("Unfaithfully Yours") and Monty Python alumn Eric Idle ("Casper").


Angus Mackay
Angus Mackay
Ballard Berkeley
Beverly D'Angelo
Chevy Chase
Claudia Neidig
Cynthia Szigeti
Dana Hill
Derek Deadman
Elizabeth Arlen
Eric Idle
Erika Wackernagel
Jacques Herlin
Jacques Maury
Jason Lively
Jeannette Charles
John Astin
Maureen Lipman
Mel Smith
Moon Unit Zappa
Paul Bartel
Paul Mcdowell
Peter Hugo
Robbie Coltrane
William Zabka
Willy Millowitsch



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