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National Lampoon's Blackball

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96 Minutes


Blackball follows the fortunes of Cliff Starkey, a working-class fine of lawn bowls with an exceptional talent. Wanting to take on the Aussies he manages to become regional champion, only to get banned. Sports agent Rich Schwartz picks him up and makes him so popular the Bowls Committee deem to lift the ban. Now the question is whether he can regain his form and his friends to beat the Aussies.


Alice Evans
Angus Loughran
Barry Woolgar
Beau Holmes
Bernard Cribbins
Christopher Godwin
David Ryall
David Schneider
Emma Amos
Felicity Montagu
Geoffrey Mcgivern
Howard Goorney
Ian Lindsay
Ian Mcneice
Ian O'Hara
Imelda Staunton
James Cromwell
James Fleet
Jeff Rawle
Jess-Luisa Flynn
Johnny Vegas
Jon Snow
Josie D'Arby
Julian Rivett
Kenneth Cranham
Mark Dymond
Mark Little
Marlene Sidaway
Meredith Macneill
Neil Conrich
Neil Finnighan
Neil Finnighan
Nigel Lindsay
Pamela Cundell
Paul Bentall
Paul Kaye
Rosie Ede
Stephen Noonan
Terry Alderton
Tony Slattery
Vicki Pepperdine
Vince Vaughn



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