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Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

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89 Minutes


Incoming NYU freshmen and childhood neighbors Naomi and Ely have been in love with each other their whole lives, even though Ely isn't exactly into girls. While Naomi and Ely date others, they create a "No Kiss List" to prevent them from falling in love with anyone else. But, their bond is tested when Ely falls in love with another boy...and unfortunately it's with the same guy Naomi is dating. This romantic comedy for millennials tells the coming of age story of how Naomi and Ely each find true love for the first time and then come together to repair their lifelong friendship.


Aj Cedeno
Alanna Fox
Ali Skye Bennet
Andi Matichak
Benjamin Eakeley
Casey Smith
Charles Cain
Cindy Ho
Cliff Samara
Connor Antico
Daniel Flaherty
David Eggers
Dean Kapica
Dorsea Palmer
Doug Plaut
Eshita Starr
Gary Betsworth
Gianna Marino
Griffin Newman
Heather Merkel
Jacinto Romero
Jason B. Schmidt
Jillian Pedone
Juliette Marotta
Kathy Tong
Kevin Abernethy
Kevin Ho
Kristen Romond
Kurt Meier
Lily James
Lucas Saiter
Maddie Corman
Madison Riley
Makayla Merkel
Marianne Hagan
Matthew Daddario
Michael Demello
Michael Ruggiere
Miki Hanta
Monique Coleman
Najee Griffin
Olamide Faison
Petronia Paley
Pierson Fode
Robyn Pugh
Roger Yeh
Roy Nowlin
Ryan Ward
Salma Khan
Sergi Robles
Shane Mehigan
Spike Christie
Tashiana Washington
Tural Manafov
Victoria Justice
Will Torres



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