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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games

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70 Minutes


Every four years Canterlot High and its rival school, Crystal Prep Academy, come together for The Friendship Games, a competition meant to foster a sense of unity. And even though the competition has become anything but friendly, and Canterlot High has never won, the magic of the Equestria Girls gives the students of CHS hope. Sunset Shimmer, however, longs for the dependable magic of Equestria and considers returning home. Coincidentally, the Twilight Sparkle of Canterlot High's world turns out to be a student at Crystal Prep with a keen interest in the strange (i.e., magical) energy emanating from CHS. Unfortunately, Twilight accidentally closes the portal to Equestria and unwittingly starts to steal the Equestria Girls' magic. Meanwhile, both schools continue to compete in the three events of the Friendship Games - an Academic Decathlon, an Athletic Competition that involves pairs of students competing in an archery/roller skating/motocross relay race, and a game of Capture the Flag (using the schools' pennants). As the Canterlot High team faces off against the competitors from Crystal Prep, and their win-at-all-costs principal Abacus Cinch, Sunset and the others must stop Twilight from continuing to drain the Equestria Girls of their magic and figure out a way to restore the portal. Before the Capture the Flag event can even begin, Cinch convinces Twilight to release all the magic she's stolen onto herself to ensure Crystal Prep's victory. In an epic showdown, Sunset and her friends face the ultimate foe, a magically charged Twilight Sparkle bent on tearing down the magical barrier between their world and Equestria! Fortunately, Sunset Shimmer rises to the challenge and saves the day by convincing Twilight not to merge the two worlds and heal the magic rifts she's torn open. The two girls go back to their respective schools with a newfound appreciation for the Magic of Friendship.


Andrea Libman
Andrew Francis
Ashleigh Ball
Britt Irvin
Britt Mckillip
Cathy Weseluck
Iris Quinn
Kazumi Evans
Kelly Sheridan
Nicole Oliver
Rebecca Shoichet
Shannon Chan-Kent
Sharon Alexander
Sienna Bohn
Tabitha St. Germain
Tara Strong
Vincent Tong



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