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Mr. Fix It

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93 Minutes


Mr. Fix It is a romantic comedy about a lovelorn Casanova, Lance, who tricks women into returning to their ex-boyfriends. Men who have recently been dumped by their girlfriends hire Lance to prove to their ex-girlfriends that they really weren't that bad after all. Lance befriends the clients' ex-girlfriend, dates her, then becomes the epitome of why the client was dumped, sending the woman back into her ex-boyfriend's arms. But when Lance gets hire by Bob to mend his former relationship, Lance begins to wonder if his days as Mr. Fix It are finally over.


Alana De La Garza
Dallas Mckinney
David Boreanaz
Gemini Barnett
Herschel Bleefeld
Lee Weaver
Mariam Vardani
Mary Mouser
Pat Healy
Patricia Place
Paul Sorvino
Regina Mckee Redwing
Rodney Rowland
Scoot Mcnairy
Terrence Evans



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