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Moonlight Mile

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117 Minutes


OscarĀ® winners Dustin Hoffman (Best Actor, 1980, Kramer vs. Kramer), Susan Sarandon (Best Actress, 1996, Dead Man Walking), and Holly Hunter (Best Actress, 1994, The Piano) star with Jake Gyllenhaal (The Good Girl) in Moonlight Mile -- an uplifting story of endearing honesty and humor. When Joe Nast (Gyllenhaal) experiences an unexpected loss, he wants to be the man he believes everyone wants him to be -- the dutifully bereaved husband-to-be and the perfect would-be son-in-law to Ben (Hoffman) and Jojo (Sarandon). But then another woman unexpectedly enters his life, and he's torn between fulfilling his new roles and following his heart.


Aleksia Landeau
Bob Clendenin
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine
Dabney Coleman
Dustin Hoffman
Ellen Pompeo
Gordon Clapp
Holly Hunter
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jim Fyfe
Lev Friedman
Marcia Mitzman Gaven
Mary Ellen Trainor
Richard Fancy
Richard Messing
Susan Sarandon



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