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Monkey Up

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83 Minutes


From the makers of Air Bud...Meet MONTY. A precocious actor, a spokesperson, a diva, and…. a talking Capuchin Monkey! He's the face of the popular energy drink, 'Monkey Up,' but convinced he's destined to be the first award-winning monkey movie star. Being led by his dreams, he leaves his life in commercials and finds residence in a dollhouse at the ANDREWS Family home, where he helps each family member discover their inner dreams. But STAN, the wicked owner of Monkey Up, and his trainer/manager DESMOND have other plans, and the chase is on to find MONTY. He escapes with the help of the ANDREWS, and his hilarious monkey family siblings, MORT, MOONER, and MELODY in an uproarious chase that proves MONTY really is the 'fast and the furriest'. Ultimately together they help MONTY discover that fame and fortune come and go, but family is forever!


Atticus Shaffer
Caleb R. Burgess
Chris Coppola
Danny Woodburn
David Milchard
Erin Allin O'Reilly
John Ratzenberger
Jonathan Mangum
Kayden Magnuson
Skylar Astin
Skyler Gisondo
Yasmeene Lily-Elle Ball



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