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Miss Sadie Thompson

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91 Minutes


Life is dull for a squad of marines stationed on a sleepy south Pacific island, but their routine is turned upside-down with the arrival of Sadie Thompson (Rita Hayworth), a fun-loving gal who is stuck in Hawaii for a week as she waits for the ship that will take her to her new job as a nightclub singer. The rowdy fun she provokes quickly draws the attention of Alfred Davidson (Jose Ferrer), a pious missionary who suspects that Sadie has had a shady past. Davidson uses his influence to expel Sadie from the island, just as she and a friendly sergeant (Aldo Ray) have begun to fall in love. This act leads to a fiery emotional climax. The fourth adaptation of a short story by Somerset Maugham


Aldo Ray
Charles Bronson
Diosa Costello
Frances Morris
Harry Bellaver
Henry Slate
John Grossett
José Ferrer
Peggy Converse
Peter Chong
Rita Hayworth
Rudy Bond
Russell Collins
Wilton Graff



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