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Miracle of the Cards

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89 Minutes


There's no such thing as miracles. That's what skeptical reporter thought until he met Craig Shergold. Craig is an eight-year old with a brain tumor and less than a year to live. Looking for hope, his mother pushes to break the Guinness World Record for receiving the most get-well cards. They receive an incredible 1.3 million cards and shatter the old record. However Craig continues to get worse. But with love, indomitable will, and prayers from around the world, Craig and his family never stop hoping for a miracle.


Anna Cummer
Bernard Cuffling
Brenda Crichlow
Catherine Oxenberg
Chang Tseng
Chang Tseng
Deni Delory
Duncan Fraser
Gina Chiarelli
Gwenda Lorenzetti
Jennifer Carmichael
Jeremy Guilbaut
Jodelle Ferland
Karin Konoval
Kirk Cameron
Michael Dobson
Peter Wingfield
Richard Thomas
Rick Tae
Ryan Robbins
Sean Campbell
Thomas Sangster



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