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Michael Collins

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132 Minutes


Oscar-nominee Liam Neeson ("Gangs of New York," "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace") and Oscar-winner Julia Roberts ("Ocean's Eleven," "Erin Brockovich") star in the controversial true story of Michael Collins, the Irish revolutionary leader whose bravery and unswerving dedication to the Irish people changed history as he fought to free Ireland from British rule in the early 1900s. Collins' efforts to create a free and peaceful country resulted in the triumph of a free Irish Republic, and the terror in Northern Ireland that continues today. Co-starring Aidan Quinn ("Stolen Summer," "Practical Magic"), Emmy-winner Alan Rickman (the "Harry Potter" series, "Galaxy Quest"), Brendan Gleeson ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," "Cold Mountain") and Oscar-nominee Stephen Rea ("V for Vendetta," "The Reaping").


Aidan Kelly
Aidan Quinn
Aisling O'Sullivan
Alan Rickman
Alan Stanford
Brendan Gleeson
Brian 'Joker' Mulvey
Charles Dance
David Wilmot
Denis Conway
Don Wycherley
Frank Laverty
Frank O'Sullivan
Gary Lydon
Gary Whelan
Gerard Mcsorley
Ian Hart
Ian Mcelhinney
Jer O'Leary
Joe Hanley
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Julia Roberts
Liam De Staic
Liam Neeson
Luke Hayden
Mal Whyte
Malcolm Douglas
Martin Murphy
Martin Phillips
Michael Dwyer
Mike Dwyer
Owen O'Neill
Owen Roe
Paraic Breathnach
Paul Bennett
Paul Hickey
Peter O'Brien
Sean Mcginley
Stephen Rea
Stuart Graham
Tom Murphy



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