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May the Best Man Win

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70 Minutes


Waynesville, Pennsylvania's most beloved citizen, Alex Grant, has hired filmmaker Fred Anderton to document his wedding from engagement to honeymoon. Fred is determined to turn this simple wedding video into a cinematic masterpiece. But Fred gets bored shooting wedding planning details and digs for drama to create his opus. So when the groom agonizes over choosing his best man, Fred orchestrates a cutthroat contest between Alex's closest friends, high school teachers Andrew Walter and Jack Reynolds. From IFC Films.


Adam Fleischhacker
Alison Becker
Andrew Bowler
Brendan Burke
Brett Gelman
Bud Stafford
Chris Gethard
Fred Cabral
Horatio Sanz
Jack Helmuth
Jackie Clarke
John Gemberling
Matt Walsh
Owen Burke
Rob Huebel
Rob Riggle



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