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Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

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109 Minutes


Two lost souls make an unexpected connection in MAP OF THE SOUNDS TOKYO, a sexy thriller from writer-director Isabel Coixel (ELEGY). Ryu (Rinko Kikuchi, Academy Award nominess for BABEL) is a fish-market employee by day, contract killer by night. David (Sergi Lopez, PAN'S LABYRINTH) is a Spaniard who runs a Tokyo wine shop. David's girlfriend has recently committed suicide, and her businessman father, blaming David, hires a hitman to kill him. The assassin turns out to be Ryu, and she falls for the man she has been sent to eliminate, leading to a series of steamy sexual encounters in a hotel. Will David learn of his new lover's secret intent? Will Ryu be able to get out of her deadly contract? The sounds of the Tokyo night hold the answers.


Hideo Sakaki
Manabu Oshio
Min Tanaka
Rinko Kikuchi
Sergi López
Takeo Nakahara



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