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96 Minutes


Woody Allen portrays a very successful television writer who is tired of churning out pap comedy, and sets out to write a serious novel. He can make people laugh, but can he make them feel? Allen seems also set on collecting for himself every neurosis known to humankind. He sometimes lives with teenager Mariel Hemingway, but their age difference is producing guilt. Introduced to Diane Keaton, Allen finds her annoying, aggressive...and fascinating. He leaves Hemingway, however, Keaton returns to her former lover, Allen?s best friends, and they become "just friends." Allen's ex-wife (Meryl Streep) has written a successful book, "Marriage, Divorce and Selfhood"--it turns Allen into a worldwide weirdo and explains her newfound lesbianism. When the abandoned Hemingway is about to leave the country to finish her education, Allen realizes the depth of his love for her.


Anne Byrne Hoffman
Bella Abzug
Charles Levin
David Rasche
Diane Keaton
Frances Conroy
Karen Allen
Karen Ludwig
Mariel Hemingway
Mark Linn-Baker
Meryl Streep
Michael Murphy
Michael O'Donoghue
Tisa Farrow
Wallace Shawn
Woody Allen



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