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Madame Curie

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124 Minutes


Young Polish physics student Marie marries Doctor Pierre Curie, in whose lab she had worked for a while. On their honeymoon they decide to find out what caused the strange effect Prof. Becquerel has noticed with the uranium/thorium stones for her dissertation. After many experiments they find out that there must be more radioactive elements than uranium and thorium, and they try to isolate it. After years of experiments in a makeshift lab at the University, they are able to isolate a few grains of a new element, radium, from 7 tons of raw material, but at the height of their success, Pierre is killed in an traffic accident. Written by Stephan Eichenberg


Albert Bassermann
C. Aubrey Smith
Dame May Whitty
Elsa Bassermann
Greer Garson
Henry Travers
James Hilton
Margaret O'Brien
María Pagés
Noel Mills
Reginald Owen
Robert Walker
Tay Dunn
Van Johnson
Victor Francen
Walter Pidgeon



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