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Love Takes Flight

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71 Minutes


Egotistical commercial pilot Neil Bradshaw plans a record-breaking flight to Manila with his long-suffering girlfriend, airline hostess Joan Larson, when Neil is offered a Hollywood acting contract. He takes the offer, quickly becoming a star and dumping Joan for sultry actress Diane Audre. Joan is also offered a movie contract by the same producer, but turns it down, instead deciding to one-up Neil by becoming a champion aviatrix who manages to break numerous flight records. Despite his glamorous life, Neil has continued to keep track of Joan, and begins to think of a reunion between the two.


Ann Evers
Arthur Hoyt
Astrid Allwyn
Beatrice Roberts
Bill Elliott
Brooks Benedict
Bruce Cabot
Carol Tevis
Darlene Morwood
Edwin Maxwell
Elliot Fisher
Grady Sutton
Harold Goodwin
Harry Tyler
Henry Roquemore
Jack Duffy
John Sheehan
Lester Dorr
Peter Potter
Reed Howes
William L. Thorne



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