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Love in a Puff

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104 Minutes


Jimmy is a mild mannered advertising executive in his twenties. While smoking in an alley packed with booming loudmouth co-workers and sharing explicit gossips and horror stories, he befriends a misfit cosmetics salesgirl Cherie who also likes to light up. An awkward romance soon blossoms amidst the anxiety of their nicotine rush. As they become more attached to each other, they also find themselves moving farther away from their regular hot pot pack into their own private alley, where their conversations suggest more emotional depths, covering the collision of reality and delightfully trivial matters of the bizarre people around them.


Charmaine Fong
Cheung Tat-Ming
Clifton Kwan
Eric Chan Hoi-Yan
Fei-Lin Miao
Felix Lok Ying-Kwan
Frank Liu
Isabel Chan
Jean-Luc Bonefacino
Jo Kuk
June Lam
Kenny Wong Tak-Ban
Matt Chow
Miriam Yeung
Miu Fei-Lam
Queenie Chu
Roy Szeto
Sharon Luk
Shawn Yue
Singh Hartihan Bitto
Sze-To Cheuk-Hon
Tak-Bun Wong
Tien You Chui
Vincent Kok
Yat Ning Chan



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