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Look, Up in the Sky!: The Amazing Story of Superman

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115 Minutes


Here he is! It's Superman -- in an amazing, thrill-packed story of the legendary hero through the years: from comic books to cartoons to TV to movies, including awesome see-it-first, see-it-now footage of 2006's Superman Returns. Discover the Man of Steel story that's never been told with the action and excitement you expect from the mightiest of all heroes. No matter if you're a super fan or just a movie fan, this is the adventure you've been waiting for.


Adam West
Alfred Gough
Annette O'Toole
Bill Mumy
Brandon Routh
Bryan Singer
Christopher Reeve
Chuck Mccann
Dan Didio
Dan Harris
Dean Cain
Dennis O'Neil
Elliot S. Maggin
Gail Simone
Gene Simmons
George Reeves
Gerard Christopher
Ilya Salkind
Jack Larson
Jackie Cooper
Jon Peters
Kate Bosworth
Kevin Spacey
Lesley Ann Warren
Margot Kidder
Mark Hamill
Mark Waid
Michael Dougherty
Mike Carlin
Miles Millar
Noel Neill
Paul Levitz
Richard Donner
Sam Huntington
Stan Lee
Tom Mankiewicz



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