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Little Deaths

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90 Minutes


Well-to-do home owners Richard and Victoria pose as religious do-gooders and lure homeless girls to their luxurious home. Apartment dwellers Claire and Pete invigorate their love life with a role-playing game with increasingly hazy boundaries. Jen and Frank, once prostitute and pimp, are now trying to make a go of things as an exclusive couple. Jen's even in therapy with a psychiatrist, who is secretly working with her husband Frank. Each couple is in for a surprise. Richard and Victoria will have the tables turned on them by one of their lady victims; Claire will finally push Pete too far in their sexual game; and Jen and Frank can't begin to imagine what their conspiring psychiatrist is up to. Little Deaths are little games that sometimes lead to the big one.


Amy-Joyce Hastings
Brendan Gregory
Christopher Fairbank
Christopher Fairbank
Daniel Brocklebank
Holly Lucas
James Oliver Wheatley
Jennifer Handorf
Jodie Jameson
Kate Braithwaite
Luke De Lacey
Mike Anfield
Scott Ainslie
Siubhan Harrison
Steel Wallis
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer
Tommy Carey



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