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Letters to God

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110 Minutes


Tyler Doherty is an extraordinary eight-year-old boy armed with strong faith and courage as he faces his daily battle against cancer. Surrounded by a loving family and community, Tyler's prayers take the form of letters he sends to his ultimate pen pal, God, on a daily basis. These letters find their way into the hands of Tyler's postman, Brady, who is at a crossroads in his life, searching of Tyler's shining spirit, bravery and grace. Inspired by a true story, Letters to God delivers a message of home, faith and courage that others can apply to their own personal struggle regardless of what they may face in their everyday lives.


Amanda Best
Andrea Conte
Avery Sommers
Bailee Madison
Christopher Schmidt
Cris Cunningham
Dennis Neal
Jeffrey Johnson
L. Derek Leonidoff
Lisa Curtis
Maree Cheatham
Michael Bolten
Ralph Waite
Robyn Lively
Tanner Maguire



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