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Late for Dinner

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93 Minutes


In the innocent days of 1962, Willie (Brian Wimmer, 'China Beach's' 'Boonie') marries Joy (Marcia Gay Harden, 'Miller's Crossing'), the girl of his dreams. But the young lovers' hopes are shattered when a sleazeball land developer (Peter Gallagher, 'sex, lies and videotape") frames Willie and his best friend Frank (Peter Berg, "Shocker"). On the run for a crime they didn't commit, the two buddies end up caught in the biggest chill ever: guinea pigs in a dangerous cryonics experiment. Frozen alive. And they don't thaw out until 1991. It's 1991. Frank and Willie haven't aged a day, but everything else has changed, including Willie's only love, who's now in her fifties. But if love indeed does conquer all, Willie and Joey will have the chance to share their once-in-a-lifetime romance.


Bo Brundin
Brian Wimmer
Cassy Friel
Janeane Garofalo
Marcia Gay Harden
Peter Berg
Peter Gallagher



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