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Knock Off

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91 Minutes


Directed by Tsui Hark (Double Team, Once Upon a Time in China) and written by Steven E. de Souza (48 Hrs., Die Hard), Knock Off stars international action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme as Marcus Ray, who works in Hong Kong as a sales representative for V SIX Jeans. As the city prepares for the transition from British to Chinese rule, Ray gets wind of the Russian Mafia's plans to bring a deadly secret technology-microbombs-to the worldwide terrorist black market. Aware of the wave of global terrorism this will incite, Marcus acts quickly. With the aid of trusted associates Tommy Hendricks (Rob Schneider) and Karen Leigh (Lela Rochon)-both of whom are undercover CIA agents-Ray must outsmart both an organized mob of criminals as well as a corrupt CIA section chief (Paul Sorvino) to avert a worldwide catastrophe.


Carman Lee
Dennis Chan
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Kim Penn
Lela Rochon
Leslie Cheung
Mark Houghton
Michael Wong
Paul Sorvino
Rob Schneider



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