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King of New York

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103 Minutes


Abel Ferrara's stylish direction accentuates this gritty action film about a New York drug lord (Christopher Walken) who's just out of prison and determined to rule the streets again with a vengeance. But this time, amidst his violent crusade, he also wants to use part of his drug-trade money to do good -- by donating it to a local hospital for the poor. The stellar supporting cast includes Wesley Snipes, David Caruso and Laurence Fishburne.


Anthony Padilla
Carrie Nygren
Christopher Walken
David Batiste
David Caruso
Erica Gimpel
Ernest Abuba
Frank Aquilino
Frank Gio
Frankie Cee
Freddy Howard
Gary Landon Mills
George Lawrence Perry
Giancarlo Esposito
Harold Perrineau Jr.
Jack Goode Jr.
James Lorinz
Janet Julian
Jay Julien
Joey Chin
Lance Guecia
Laurence Fishburne
Leonard L. Thomas
Lia Chang
Marty Pesci
Michael Battin
Michael Guess
Nancy Hunter
Paul Calderon
Pete Hamill
Peter Richardson
Phoebe Legere
Robert Lasardo
Roger Guenveur Smith
Sari Chang
Steve Buscemi
Susannah Julien
Theresa Randle
Vanessa Angel
Victor Argo
Wesley Snipes



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