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Killing Me Softly

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100 Minutes


Adapted from the novel by Nicci French, Chinese filmmaker Chen Kaige makes his English-language debut with this erotic thriller. An American Web designer Alice (Heather Graham) while living in Illinois falls for Adam (Joseph Fiennes) a ruggedly handsome mountain climber. Bored with her dreary love live, Alice takes advantage of a chance meeting with Adam at a stoplight. Sparks fly, and before too long the couple move in together and Adam proposes. Following the wedding their heated romance begins to take on hints of mild S & M and Alice realizes that she knows very little about her new spouse. The story takes on ominous undertones when she discovers that his previous fiancée died under mysterious circumstances. Alice continues her increasingly disturbing investigation when she uncovers allegations of rape and more missing lovers, bringing her to answers she may not be ready to accept.


Amy Robbins
Heather Graham
Ian Hart
Jason Hughes
Joseph Fiennes
Kika Markham
Natascha Mcelhone
Olivia Poulet
Rebecca Palmer
Ronan Vibert
Ulrich Thomsen
Yasmin Bannerman



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