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Jules and Jim

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Hailed as one of the finest films ever made, legendary director Francois Truffaut's early masterpiece Jules and Jim charts the relationship between two friends and the object of their mutual obsession over the course of twenty-five years. Jeanne Moreau stars as Catherine, the alluring and willful young woman whose enigmatic smile and passionate nature lure Jules (Oskar Werner) and Jim (Henri Serre) into one of cinema's most captivating romantic triangles. An exuberant and poignant meditation on freedom, loyalty, and the fortitude of love, Jules and Jim was a worldwide smash upon its release in 1962 and remains as audacious and entrancing today.


Anny Nelsen
Bernard Largemains
Boris Bassiak
Christiane Wagner
Danielle Bassiak
Elen Bober
Henri Serre
Jeanne Moreau
Kate Noelle
Marie Dubois
Michel Subor
Michel Varesano
Oskar Werner
Sabine Haudepin
Vanna Urbino



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