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Judge Dredd

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96 Minutes


In a time when all-powerful and coldly efficient "Judges" act with the supreme authority of both the police force and legal system, Judge Dredd (Sylvester Stallone) is the most feared law enforcer of them all. But when a former Judge (Armand Assante) hatches a sinister plot to overthrow the government and eliminate the Judges, Dredd is framed for murder! Get ready for an explosive action-adventure thrill ride as Dredd does whatever it takes to restore justice!


Adam Henderson
Adam Henderson
Angus Macinnes
Armand Assante
Ashley Artus
Balthazar Getty
Bradley Lavelle
Brendan Fleming
Christopher Adamson
Christopher Glover
Diane Lane
Diane Lane
Dig Wayne
Ed Stobart
Ewen Bremner
Howard Grace
Huggy Leaver
Ian Dury
Joan Chen
Joanna Miles
John Blakey
Jürgen Prochnow
Lex Daniel
Louise Delamere
Mark Morghan
Martin Mcdougall
Maurice Roeves
Max Von Sydow
Mitchell Ryan
Pat Starr
Peter Marinker
Phil Kingston
Phil Smeeton
Rob Schneider
Scott Wilson
Stephen Lord
Steve Toussaint
Stuart Mullen
Sylvester Stallone



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