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It's Kind of a Funny Story

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101 Minutes


Zach Galifianakis, Keir Gilchrist, Lauren Graham and Emma Roberts star in this uplifting comedy about finding sanity in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes what's in your head isn't as crazy as you think…that's certainly true for Craig (Gilchrist), a stressed-out teenager who checks himself into a mental health clinic for some time out. What he finds instead is an unlikely mentor (Galifianakis), a potential new romance (Roberts) and an opportunity to begin anew. Charming, witty and smart, it's a coming-of-age story that's kind of a funny story…


Aasif Mandvi
Adrian Martinez
Alan Aisenberg
Ato Blankson-Wood
Ben Folstein
Bernard White
Billy Mcfadden
Dana Devestern
Daniel London
Emma Roberts
Jared Goldstein
Jeremy Davies
Jim Gaffigan
Karen Chilton
Keir Gilchrist
Lauren Graham
Leo Allen
Lou Myers
Macintyre Dixon
Matthew Maher
Molly Hager
Morgan Murphy
Rosalyn Coleman
Stewart Steinberg
Thomas Mann
Viola Davis
Zach Galifianakis
Zoë Kravitz



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