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It's Dark Here

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103 Minutes


"It's Dark Here" is a true story that revolves around the Tennies' Family, and the horrific events that took place in their life. The film is about the closeness of the family unit, and the pain that they all endure as a result of their son Jason's sudden Schizophrenic break. The film illustrates the reality of mental illness, which takes over their son, Jason Tennies, played by Bubba Lewis. It displays what happens to countless families going through the same agony. The film is told in an electrifying, artistic fashion with Jason's music beautifully displayed throughout. It is a majestic movie that will leave audiences with a deeper understanding of mental health issues. The cast includes William Mapother as Jason's father David Tennies, and Illeana Douglas as Jason's mother, Linda Tennies. It is a true story that needs to be told, and will resonate with generations to come.


Alexandria Delgado
Amanda Dollinger
Amy Grace
Amy Okuda
Andrew Scully
Ashli Haynes
Assaf Cohen
Ayanna S. Flemings
Billy Snow
Brett Delbuono
Brett Weinstock
Bridgette Etienne
Bubba Lewis
Byron Mcintyre
Chad Addison
Chelsea Taylor Howes
Chris Casamassa
Christine Kilmer
Deanna Gandy
Deborah Rombaut
Edward Joyce
Eli Hernandez
Emily Dryden
Emmi Grullon
Erik Van Wyck
Filip Watermann
Greg Grunberg
Greg L. Glass
Gregory Graham
Hennely Jimenez
Illeana Douglas
Jaida- Iman Benjamin
Jason Collett
Jennifer Gable
Jesse L. Cyr
Katie Gill
Kelsey Douglas
Kenni Kinsey
Kim Kim
Libette Garcia
Louis Iacoviello
Lynne Alana Delaney
Mariangelica Cuervo
Max Aria
Melanie Recker
Mona Ironside
Nolan Hammon
Rachel Elizabeth
Rebecca Howard
Rene Michelle Aranda
Richard Gorton
Ronja Koepke
Sam Stone
Shavon Kirksey
Tiffany Demarco
Timothy Delaney
Vanessa Bednar
Vivian Yeung
William Mapother



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