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Iron Monkey

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90 Minutes


With sensational, nonstop martial arts excitement supplied by the acclaimed choreographer of THE MATRIX and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, IRON MONKEY is the spirited tale of a mysterious and mythical Chinese legend. In a desperate and unjust land, where government corruption rules the day, only one man -- known as the Iron Monkey -- has the courage to challenge the system and fight back. Under the shadow of night, in the silence before dawn, he fights to give hope to the poor and oppressed. Although no one knows his name or where he comes from, his heroism makes him a living legend to the people ... and a wanted man to the powers that be! Presented by Quentin Tarantino -- don't miss the exhilarating action adventure that critics everywhere have called one of the greatest martial arts films of all time!


Alex Yip Choi-Naam
Chan Siu-Wah
Cheung Fung-Lei
Chi Tai Lam
Chih Hung Ling
Chun Kwai-Bo
Dang Taai-Woh
Dion Lam
Donnie Yen
Fai Li
Hsiao Ho
Ip Choi Nam
James Wong
Jean Wang
Kwai Po Chin
Lee Fai
Mandy Chan
Mei-Yee Si
Shut Mei-Yee
Siu Wah Chan
Sze-Man Tsang
Tai Woh Dang
William Duen Wai-Lun
William Tuen
Yen Shi-Kwan
Yu Rong-Guang
Yuen Shun-Yi



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