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Inside the Law

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62 Minutes


In this crime comedy, a small gang of old crooks, led by the elderly Pop (McKee) and Mom Cobb (Pulmmer), find an appointment as a cashier in the Walnut Park bank in a drunk's wallet. They decide to place one of their members in the cashier's position, with the intention of escaping with the bank's receipts at the end of the week. While staying in town, the remaining gang members must establish themselves as respectable people, ending up attending church services, where they all decide to go straight. But gang members decides to go through with the theft, and it is up to the reformed gang members to catch him and return the money, becoming the town's heroes. They all happily decide they want to stay in the town permanently.


Frank Sully
Harry Holman
Lafe Mckee
Luana Walters
Wallace Ford



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