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Infernal Affairs

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101 Minutes


An award-winning crime thriller in the intense tradition of HEAT and RESERVOIR DOGS ... critics everywhere have hailed INFERNAL AFFAIRS for its gritty action and international superstars. Chan Wing Yan (Tony Leung -- HERO) is a hard-nosed veteran cop sent undercover to infiltrate the notorious Triad crime ring. An expert at bringing down violent syndicates, Chan thinks it's going to be a routine mission. What he's not prepared for is the discovery that the Triad's boss (Eric Tsang -- THE ACCIDENTAL SPY) has planted a mole (Andy Lau -- THE LEGEND OF DRUNKEN MASTER) in the police department ... and now Chan is being hunted down. In this battle of wills, only one cop can win!


Andy Lau
Anthony Wong
Berg Ng Ting-Yip
Chapman To
Dion Lam
Edison Chen
Elva Hsiao
Eric Tsang
Gordon Lam Ka-Tung
Kelly Chen
Sammi Cheng
Shawn Yue
Tony Ho Wah-Chiu
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Wan Chi-Keung



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