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Incident on a Dark Street

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96 Minutes


The cast includes the legendary William Shatner. INCIDENT ON A DARK STREET begins with the murder of a mob canary, killed on the eve of his testimony. The attorneys involved in the case must then pick up the pieces, and the investigation leads to a discovery of corruption amongst local officials with ties to the mob


David Canary
David Doyle
Don 'Red' Barry
Earl Eby
Eddie Quillan
Gilbert Roland
Gordon Pinsent
James A. Watson, Jr
James Davidson
James Olson
Jay W. Macintosh
Jed Allan
Jennifer Kulik
Jerome Thor
John Kerr
Kathleen Lloyd
Marian Collier
Mark Jenkins
Marlene Clark
Mike Stokey
Murray Hamilton
Owen Orr
Richard S. Castellano
Robert Pine
Robyn Millan
Roland La Starza
Susan Stafford
Tony Giorgio
Valentin De Vargas
Wesley Lau
William Shatner



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