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I'm with Lucy

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90 Minutes


This charming comedy stars Monica Potter as Lucy, who was dumped a year ago by her boyfriend and has been on five blind dates since then. One of them has led to her engagement, and now it's a hour before the wedding and Lucy's best friend wants to hear what led up to this moment. So Lucy recounts her five blind dates: the first one doesn't go well, as Lucy locks herself in the bathroom to avoid going out with entomologist Doug (John Hannah). She shares an immediate physical attraction with Gabriel (Gael García Bernal), a writer. Pro baseball player Bobby (Anthony LaPaglia) comes on too strong. Software magnate Barry (Henry Thomas) is a charming geek. And Luke (David Boreanaz), a doctor, is smart, handsome, and seems flawless. Lucy is about to walk down the aisle with one of them. But which one?


Anthony Lapaglia
Craig Bierko
David Boreanaz
Flora Martínez
Gael García Bernal
Harold Ramis
Henry Thomas
John Hannah
John Tormey
Julianne Nicholson
Julie Christie
Monica Potter



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