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His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th

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90 Minutes


30 years ago, a small horror film gave birth to 12 sequels, an endless body count and one of the most terrifying icons in horror history. Gore FX legend Tom Savini is your host for the ultimate documentary on everybody's favorite hockey-masked momma's boy and his three decades of cinematic carnage, featuring classic clips from every Friday the 13th movie, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and over 80 interviews with filmmakers, actors, stuntmen, FX artists, journalists and fans including Sean Cunningham, Kane Hodder, Seth Green, Harry Manfredini, Betsy Palmer, Greg Nicotero, and many more. His Name Was Jason…and this is his incredible legacy!


Adam Green
Adrienne King
Amanda Righetti
Amy Steel
Anthony Timpone
Ari Lehman
Barney Cohen
Betsy Palmer
Bill Randolph
Bob Desimone
C.J. Graham
Camilla More
Carey More
Catherine Parks
Chuck Campbell
Danny Steinmann
Darcy Demoss
David Kagen
Deborah Voorhees
Derek Mears
Diana Barrows
Diane Almeida
Dick Wieand
Douglas Curtis
Elissa Dowling
Elizabeth Kaitan
Erich Anderson
Gloria Charles
Gregory Nicotero
Harry Manfredini
Jensen Daggett
John Carl Buechler
John Furey
John Shepherd
Joseph Zito
Judie Aronson
Kane Hodder
Ken Kirzinger
Kevin Spirtas
Lar Park Lincoln
Larry Zerner
Lauren-Marie Taylor
Lawrence Monoson
Mike Cucinotta
Paul Kratka
Peter Bracke
Peter Mark Richman
Rachel Belofsky
Richard Brooker
Russell Todd
Sean S. Cunningham
Seth Green
Shavar Ross
Steve Dash
Steven Barton
Stuart Charno
Tom Mcloughlin
Tom Savini
Travis Van Winkle
Warrington Gillette



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