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Hide in Plain Sight

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91 Minutes


Factory worker Thomas Hacklin has moved on with life after divorce. He plays baseball on weekends, dates a little, and never misses a scheduled visit with his two young children. But one day Hacklin shows up for a visit and finds his children are gone. They, Hacklin's ex and the mob-informant she married have been whisked into the secrecy of the witness relocation program.


Alice Drummond
Andy Fenwick
Anne Helm
Barbra Rae
Beatrice Winde
Chuck Hicks
Danny Aiello
David Clennon
David Margulies
Heather Bicknell
James Caan
Jill Eikenberry
Joe Grifasi
Josef Sommer
Ken Sylk
Kenneth Mcmillan
Peter Maloney
Robert Viharo
Thomas Hill



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